Residential Allergens & VOCs Services

Environmental 1 has extensive experience testing for airborne allergens and VOCs in private residences.  Airborne allergens such as pollen, animal dander, and dust mites can cause a number of different health issues in the home.  Asthma and sinusitis are the most common complications caused by airborne allergens.  You should always consult a qualified allergist to get advise for treatment.  Additionally, volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde can be found in building materials and cause equally debilitating complications.


Environmental 1 can help identify the root cause of airborne complications by performing air monitoring tests.  We will provide a detailed report explaining our findings and call to action.  We care about your safety and well being and are committed to a clean and healthy environment.   

Commercial Allergen & VOCs Services

Airborne allergens in a business, commercial, or industrial setting can be an irritating and/or dangerous distraction for employees.  Should employees or customers experience respiratory complications, it is critical to perform air monitoring tests to identify the offending particulate(s) and/or compounds.  Environmental 1 has experience working in a variety of fo commercial settings from small to medium businesses, manufacturing, warehouses, industrial, packing, marine vessels, healthcare facilities, nursing homes and much more.  Our approach is discrete, precise and quick so that we can keep your business running at full steam.  We are committed to a clean and safe environment.  

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