EnviroDry Moisture Control System


Environmental1 spent over 5 years developing and testing a moisture control system specifically designed for the ground level of elevated homes.  In the South East, elevated homes are subject to - Moisture, Pollen, Mold, and Pests.  The EnviroDry Solution works to keep them all out of your house and gives you clean usable space for recreation and/or storage.


The EnviroDry System employs construction grade materials to encapsulate louvers.  The system is designed to withstand the elements and greatly reduce the infiltration of moisture, pollen, mold, and pests.  What's more, the system keeps your ground level cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  Environmental1 can also provide dehumidification and floor coating solutions to work in harmony with your EnviroDry System.


The return on investment is immediate.  You will reclaim a large space in your home that you never thought was usable.  Call us today for a free quote (843) 732-1936 or 

CleanEnv1 Moisture Control System Specif
Return on Investment
  • Usable space adds value to your home [example $275 sqft]

  • Stop your tools from rusting

  • Prevent mold from growing

  • Keep pollen and dust off of your storage boxes

  • Keep pollen and dust off of your vehicles

  • Reduce infiltration of mosquitoes, no-see-ums, snakes, rats, mice, and other pets

  • Improve air quality for those with allergies

  • Reduce hot humid air in warmer months

  • Raise the temperature in winter

Imagine the Potential
  • Add a play area for your kids

  • Create a man pad

  • Create a woodworking shop

  • Rebuild a hot-rod

  • Install a ping pong or pool table

  • Make a crafting station

  • Organize your holiday storage

  • Build an indoor soccer goal or batting cage

  • Build a bar and sports watching zone

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