Confidence Brings Back Your Customers

Chances are if you were in the hospitality or restaurant business before the COVID-19 shutdown, you were already cleaning everything all day, every day.  From your entrances, to dining rooms, to kitchens and bathrooms; you protected your customers, employees and by association, your very business and livelihood.

Coming out of the shutdown as businesses and restaurants begin to open up, vigilant cleaning will still be a part of the process.  But how you clean and how frequently you clean may change a lot.  That will certainly translate to a cleaner environment for everyone but will it translate to customer and employee confidence?  Will they come back with the same enthusiasm as before?  Will it be difficult to reassure them that it is just as safe as ever to be in the same room with complete strangers while eating a meal?

What if you could show them that you not only have procedures but that those procedures are verified with regular third-party biological testing conducted by a qualified environmental testing company?  If your customers and employees see that level of commitment to safety, wouldn't that make them more comfortable?

That's where Environmental1's Envirocheck surface testing program comes in.  Customers and prospective customers will see on your website, in your front window or door and/or on in-store pamphlets that you participate in a program that verifies your procedures through regular interval surface testing.

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