Residential Lead-Based Paint Service

According to the Center for Disease Control, lead-based paint and lead contaminated dust are the most hazardous sources of lead for U.S. children.  If your house was built before 1978 it is likely that there is some lead-based paint in your home.  As the paint ages, it deteriorates and this deterioration creates dust which can become airborne.  HVAC systems and/or air currents can circulate lead-contaminated dust through common living spaces, including kitchens, nurseries, and bedrooms.  Deteriorated paint can also begin to flake.  If the flakes are injested or inhaled they can become a health hazard.


In the South we take pride in our history.  We invest in the preservation of our historic homes, furniture pieces, and other relics of the past.  We need to make sure that our preservation efforts take into consideration the dangers of lead-based paint.  Environmental 1 strongly supports historical preservation efforts as well as modernization efforts and has extensive experience working in a residential setting to ensure proper lead-testing occurs.  We can provide an accurate and quick recommendation on how to handle paint if it tests positive for lead.  Let us help you maintain a clean and safe lead-free environment.

Commercial Lead-Based Paint Service

Environmental 1 understands the importance of keeping your employees safe.  Lead-based paint can often be found in older industrial sites, warehouses, or other commercial structures.  As the paint ages, it deteriorates into dust which can become airborne.  Inhaling dust contaminated with lead can be harmful and can lead to lead poisoning.


Environmenal1 has years of experience handling lead-based paint in the commercial setting.  We know the protocol entails a highly professional, quick and discrete response, backed by accurate findings and a clear and concise recommendation and abatement. Our approach is simple - Speed, Discretion, and Precise Execution. We routinely work with hotels, property management companies, small businesses, large businesses, manufacturing, warehouses, health care facilities, and many more.

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