Residential Moisture Control

SouthEastern weather patterns present an abundance of precipitation including tropical storms and occasional hurricanes.  These weather patterns create damp humid conditions for our homes.  Additionally, our homes are exposed to warm temperatures and nearby bodies of water, further compounding humid conditions.  All total, our homes are the perfect Petree dishes to support the growth of mold.  


Environmental 1 has spent over 5 years developing a proprietary moisture control system for elevated home ground levels.  The CleanEnv1 System is designed to create a healthy balance of airflow, temperature, and humidity level.  CleanEnv1 accomplishes this by leveraging a moisture barrier, humidity control devices, and a proven maintenance schedule.  The CleanEnv1 System will give you peace of mind for and more livable space at elevated ground levels.  Equally beneficial to moisture control, CleanEnv1 also helps control airborne allergens and helps keep out pests.  No more yellow dust on your belongings and vehicles. Say goodbye to rat droppings, mosquitoes, and no-see-ums.   

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